Recruiting in the Technology and Industrial Sectors

Specialist skills are required for many areas of the technology and industrial sectors. On some occasions, it’s possible to promote from within the company. This is in many ways an ideal situation, allowing for expertise to be accrued within the sector, building specialist knowledge, before it needs to be applied within a more senior position.

Using Agencies

Where suitable candidates aren’t available to promote from within, an agency is the advised mode of operation for those looking to fill senior roles which require industry insight. This is true for many industries, particularly machining. With a constant stream of innovation to refine and perfect processing, which we’ve seen from constant improvement and increasing sophistication in metal working fluids.

Inside Knowledge of the Industry

Inside knowledge of how these processes work best, which materials to use for whichever metal working process can be vital to staying at the front of the pack in the industry. Even if you don’t have a hands on role, having the technical knowledge to make sound judgements ought to be a minimum requirement for those in positions of leadership within the machining and metalworking industries. With productivity, precision and cost-effectiveness to be improved by pursuing a strategy based on the right application and use of metalworking fluids, along with the increasing emphasis on the environmental impact of resources used, a detailed grasp of the technical elements of fluids and their application can be enormously beneficial. Transferable and ‘soft’ skills have a value, but need to be combined with the right background. It’s okay to have a team of technicians and specialists as part of your staff, or as part of an external fluid developer, but often knowledge is required at the point where strategic decisions are being made, which is the difference.

Whilst our blog aims to provide as much of this background and insight as possible to readers, we’re no replacement to hands on time in the industry when it comes to providing the expertise of how best to use industrial lubricants, coolants and metalworking fluids in the industry. Specialist recruiters for industry and technology can advise on their own processes. In the U.S.A TechUSA are well known recruiters within the tech sector, or Thailand and South East Asia, another key technological region, Peak Recruitment are specialists both for these sectors and for the region.