Aluminium Extrusion

The extrusion process involves heating a lump of aluminium to temperatures in the region of 500 degrees Celsius. Whilst the metal is still solid and not heated to melting point, it is forced through a steel mould or die which squeezes the metal into a cross-sectional shape or ‘profile’. The combination of heat and pressure that are exerted upon the aluminium as it is forced through the die ensure it can flow through smoothly. This results in a high quality product, precisely manufactured to high tolerances. You can only achieve such precision engineering by having top-class machinery, skilled workers and years of experience, like the company Aluminium Profiles who design and manufacture bespoke aluminium extrusions and profiles.

Aluminium profile sample isolated on black background.

The Versatility of Extruding Aluminium

The versatility of both the process and metal complement one another excellently. Aluminium and its alloys have a very high strength-to-weight ratio in relation to its ductility. With the right application of heat and pressure it can be manipulated into almost any shape or cross-sectional profile. Aluminium is an ideal material for design applications requiring maximum versatility precisely because of its versatility. There are also over 540 aluminium-alloys that can be extruded, each of which have particular properties and their own applications. Generally though the richer in aluminium the alloy is, the more malleable it is.

How Effective is Aluminium Extrusion?

Other machining or manufacturing processes do not afford designers and manufacturers the same scope for product-variety as extrusion does. Extrusion enables the production of profiles with functions such as channels, grooves or structural ‘stiffeners’ and joining details. This reduces wastage of core base materials and lowers fabrication costs, especially when compared to other metal fabrication processes. On top of this, lower costs involved in extrusion afford companies requiring a smaller production series are free to do so. If you require any more information regarding aluminium extrusion, whether you have a project afoot or are a manufacture looking to have parts created – contact a reputable company like Aluminium profiles via telephone, or their website: 

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